Sung De Hong Jeong Tai Kim


In February 2012, Light Pollution Prevention Act was enacted and implemented in Korea. Under the new law, architectural exterior lightings and advertisement lightings will have to observe the permissible light emitting levels set by the enforcement ordinance of the law. In accordance with Article 12 of the law, the businesses which are legally required to observe the permissible light emitting levels should examine if their products satisfy legal requirements through the measurement of luminance. To measure the luminance of architectural external lightings and advertisement lightings, expensive measuring equipment is needed. For many small businesses, however, the measuring equipment is too expensive, and this kind cost burden may cause resistance against Light Pollution Prevention Act. In addition, the businesses are lack of expertise relating to the measurement of luminance. Therefore, this study proposed a concept of online luminance analysis services for the general public including the management and employees from the related industry. The online luminance analysis service adopted a method to analyze luminance by HDR-imaging videos using a common DSLR camera. In addition, a website to provide online services was constructed. The online luminance analysis services process proposed in this study include the followings: First, a website user should learn and follow how to capture and how to set the digital camera instructed on the website. Second, architectural exterior lightings and advertisement lightings should be captured using a digital camera. Third, the captured image files have to be uploaded on the website. Fourth, the uploaded image files should be analyzed by the website manager. Fifth, the analyzed results should be provided to the website users.