Pramod Bhusal Rajendra Dangol


The main aim of the article is to find out the performance of different metrics proposed to CIE TC 1-91. Currently, six different indexes have been proposed to CIE TC 1-91: Colour Quality Scale (CQS), Feeling of Contrast Index (FCI), Memory colour rendering index (MCRI), Preference of skin (PS), Relative gamut area index (RGAI) and Illuminating Engineering society Method for evaluating light source colour rendition (IES TM-30). The evaluation and analysis are based on previously conducted experiment in lighting booth. The analysis showed the area based metric FCI was good subjective preference indicator. The subjective preference was measured in terms of naturalness of objects, colourfulness of colour checker chart, and the visual appearance of the lit scene in the booth.




color quality, color rendering, LED light sources, colorimetry